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actionbike Race Weekend

These are the dates for every For every man and woman with riding skills of all levels. The atmosphere is familiar and friendly, the action and adrenaline "Power of Hot Wheels" is in the air ...

We offer a lot of riding time mainly divided into skill/ability groups. Combined with a program of Free Training. This means for you a maximum amount of riding time for your money. In practice, in the first afternoon Free training can be run without groups, with many riders already concentrating on the races. The past year has shown us that this method minimises the waiting time, and minimises the traffic on track. Our schedule means we also run alot of races in comparison to others. For beginners or non regular race track riders, the variety of classes means the fascination of race riding is there for everyone. The Bridgestone Champ Cup race is included in the price! We ask you be the race for online booking, so that the administrative costs and your costs on the spot are as low as possible.
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