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General Event Information

Here is a short description of the event scheduling. If you have any questions then contact us directly by telephone or email!


It is best to arrive the day before the event, so you have enough time to purchase a box or unpack you things and sign in.


It is often asked: Where will I sleep? Are there possibilities in the paddock? Most rent a box and share it with others, so it is cheaper. Many either use the box or the transporter in which they arrived, using it as a sleeping place. Parking in the paddock are always available. Toilet facilities and water and electricity connections you'll find are always adequate. Of course, there always plenty of hotels and guesthouses around the circuit. Information about these you will under the Navigation menu Racetracks.


It is best to register the evening before the event in the info box (usually from 19.00 clock). On Thursday evening in the infobox you need to complete the formalities (transponder rentals and to booking of additional races.
NOTE: Race entries should be done online). This will mean that on Friday morning you are all set to begin your track time !The infobox is open until 22:30 on Thursday (last pit box before the exit of pitlane)

Drivers meeting

On Day 1, ie Friday, this takes place at 08:30.
All participants are required to participate. The Meeting consists of general instructions, flag signals, any changes will be announced by the staff with instructors presented. People not attending can be excluded from the event because in motorsport discipline is needed to ensure the saftey of all.

Event Start

The pit lane opens at 09:00. Please consult the event schedule to be sure there are no changes, and ensure you are ready for your session.
Tip: Download the Schedule and print it. have it on your box (or on the side of your car), so you don't miss a session.

More questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please just look through the FAQs, as alot of additional information is available there. If this is not the case, please contact us directly.