General Event Information

Here you can find details about all actionbike Events. If you do not find the answer to your query, of course we are available by email and telephone.

General Event Information
Here is a short description of the event scheduling. If you have any questions then contact us directly by telephone or email!
actionbike Beginner Training
At actionbike, the entry-level training is important !We offer you professionally led training for beginners, in which all interesting and necessary theory, is explained step by step. This is alternated between theory and practical implementation on the track combined, to teach you quickly gets.
actionbike (Riding in Skill/ability groups)
At the NG events you will usually find the riders are split into 4 groups according to riding skill/ability. It can be found throughout the entire event, with no races.
actionbike Race Weekend
These are the dates for every For every man and woman with riding skills of all levels. The atmosphere is familiar and friendly, the action and adrenaline "Power of Hot Wheels" is in the air ...
Race Classes
Here you will find a short description of the Race Classes, as well as technical info about the Rules
actionbike Raceweekend Schedule - All Events
Event Schedule for all events
actionbike Rules
Here you can find all rules, and detailed information for the Race Classes and Results
actionbike Misano Schedule
Here you can find the Misano Event specific Time schedule.
actionbike New Generation Schedule - All Events
Here you can find the standard New Generation Event Schedule for all 2009 events.
Programma dell’Evento - weekend di gare actionbike
Programma dell’Evento - weekend di gare actionbike
Programma Evento Misano 2009 Aprile/Settembre
Misano 2009 Aprile/Settembre
Programma Evento New Generation 2009
New Generation 2009
Programma dell’Evento 2009
Evento 2009
For all our events timekeeping and transponder rent is included.
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