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Letter to Igor

Hello Igor,
3 weeks ago we walked down the last path with you together, ending at the beautiful place you loved so much in Slovenj Gradec where we could buried you.

I put these lines out in public so all the people from our actionbike family and far beyond - basically everyone who reached out to us the last weeks - are able to give their sincere condolences since so many lovely people asked us how they can be of any help for your left behind ones. Mind wise, we’ve gone through all that already.

In August 30th in 2015 you did compete with your last race. The season as a whole went literally perfectly for you, the other day you ended up on the podium in the endurance race for YAHOSUKA Mr. Igor Slemnik.
But then… in the 1st lap in the SBK 1 Race in Brno you had a highsider in the uphill chicane, somehow being able to get back under control but catastrophically ended back on the ideal line right next to your bike. In the middle of all the other racers.
Destiny alone decided for you and the racers who were not able to ride around you that your end was fast and painless.

Even if you never been a person who lived life in easy inning or provoke any sort of danger, you always mentioned in our deep conversations we had that the best way to die is to die on a bike.
„Only the best die young“ was always your end of story. But Igor… 39 Years, your lovely wife Vesna, these beautiful and adorable daughters Ronja and Tonja… You really thought this one trough to leave them all behind? I’d preferred it would’ve been just a story we continued talking about in our rocking chairs when we’re old and grey.

Racetracks an racing in general was the lifeblood you needed and that always did push you above and beyond your limits. Your family and company as well as your friends and new projects coming up and all… You magically were able to manage everything.

I am very very proud and thankful you shared all that power and energy with me for the years, for your patience and consideration. You have been the one I could always count on, even in the darkest days you were solid as a rock right next to me, no matter what’s next.

Your knowledge and your craftsmanship regarding motorcycles was very well known, not just in Slovenia but all around Europe you did your business and with actionbike you put all your love and excitement in and watched my back.

Now, one month past in time and the fog has cleared what you were able to do for your beloved ones you left behind. It is a perfectly organized network of friends and business partners and literally everyone is supporting Vesna to make it a little less harder for her to continue your lifework YAHOSUKA Racing. But what do I talk a bout, you know her better than anyone, she’s the strongest woman of all of them and the way she is living her life, focused on future and living in presence is helping me as well to move on.

Vesna did visit us already in Misano, Italy and has taken your place already supporting our riders with the issues with their bikes like a hero. I am convinced she’s able and eager to continue building and maintaining your company successfully so she and your lovely children are able to have an income for a living.

The other week I asked Vesna to open a separate bank account in Austria for Ronja and Tonja so everyone who’s interested is able to donate as much as they want to make sure your children have a basement for a good future education. You yourself had not enough time to realise this important part but we, your friends, take care for it now. We could always count on you, so now it’s time for your friends to pay back.

Everyone, let’s do this together in team spirit! Let’s fill the gap for Ronja and Tonja’s education so they are able to grow up under fair conditions. Your circles - family and well as friends - are so big that even small donations are of help.

Bank account details :
Vesna Slemenik Pucl
IBAN : AT903911700037055969
Bank code: 39117

Your year was way to young but when I imagine all the miles you put on your engine I realize that this is something special and what the most people on this planet are not able to put on in their entire life. You did labor hard and always offered help to everyone. Your values in life did help me to become a better man.
I promise to you that I will move on and to not disappoint you and will always include you in all the great decisions I have to make in my life.
#27 will always be yours at actionbike, no matter what happens.
And every time I can hear the announcement for the next race in the paddock I will think about you and hope you are watching us from above and take good care for us.

I love you my friend.
Rest in Peace… until we see us again.
Mr. Johän