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Newsletter Dezember 2013

Marry Chrismas! In article you can find all important terms and information to plan your season with us. Enjoy your Chrismasdays and Happy new year ! Your actionbike-Team Jochen Kreß

Hello actionbiker,

we do not want to keep you too long off Glühwein and Cookies, that’s why we kept the Newsletter short and crisp.

  • On December 24st, 2013 we will open the booking form for the 2014 events on our webpage. The first 10 bookings will get a little surprise at the event.


  • Starting 2014 we will have All Inclusive prices.

Included are:

o   All Races including the 2 hours long distance race

o   Transponder (own transponder will be credited)

o   Timekeeping Service

o   Pasta Party


  • Early Bird Discount:

o   5% discount on all events, receipt of payment has to be February 1st, 2014


  • Events 2014

o   ActionBike Opening Party on January 1st, 2014! Please do an early registration to make planning easier for us. Here the Link to the registration form.

o   Assen, Spa, Magny-Cours and Hockenheim we added to the Events

o   Championship- and VIP Events are bold.

Racetrack                          Date                                    €

Rijeka:                                28.-30.3.2014                   340

Misano :                             18.-20.4.2014                   585

Assen:                                 6.-7.5.2014                       Event will take place, price will follow.

Pannoniaring:                   30.5-1.6                             399

Spa Francorchamps:        14.-15.6                             Event will take place, price will follow.

Hockenheim:                    27.-28.062014                  Event will take place, price will follow.

Brünn:                                 9.-10.7.2014                     299

Brünn:                                11.-13.7.2014                   539

Most(Beginner):               1.8.2014                            189

Most:                                  1.8.2014                            139

Most                                   2.-3.8.2014                       359

Magny Cours                    15.-17.8.2014                   Event will take place, price will follow.

Brünn:                                29.-31.8.2014                   539

Misano:                              19.-21.9.2014                   499

Rijeka:                                24.-26.10.2014                 340 (Weather guarantee, receipt of payment June 1st)


  • VIP Terms:

We offer also VIP Tickets for the season 2014.

VIP Events are bold and receipt of payment has to be latest March 1st, 2014!

In addition we offer also the early bird discount of 5%, receipt of payment is February 1st, 2014

o   VIP discount for 3 Events             -8%

o   VIP discount for 4 Events             -10%

o   VIP discount for 5 Events             -15%

o   VIP discount for 7 Events             -20%

If you are interested in a VIP Ticket please contact us via E-Mail.


  • For the upcoming Newsletter we will have this informations for you:

o   The new Time Table (2 runs for SSP and SBK, ItaloClass, Endurance,…)

o   The Races (Sponsored by the name Pirelli)

o   Socials (Pasta Party,…)

o   News about Service, Team,…..

We wish you a Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your actionbike Team