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Welcome to actionbike

Whether you're a beginner, sports rider, hobby racer or licensed rider, everyone gets their money's worth at actionbike!

Since 1995, we have served over 100,000 motorsport-enthusiastic customers from all over the world, travelling to beautiful race tracks across Europe. As safety is paramount, we operate under the highest safety standards, with a highly professional, and family-oriented environment.

We offer numerous sprint races in various categories, as well as endurance categories ensuring the maximum time on track. For non-racers our garage door does not close with the last session of the day, as we offer a cozy after track experience with: service lounge, slideshows, racing seminars, live bands, pasta parties and much more.

Book your ultimate racetrack experience now with actionbike!


Book now with actionbike!

Book your ultimate racetrack experience now with actionbike! Whether you're a beginner or licensed rider, everyone gets their money's worth at actionbike!

More Questions?

Have questions? Feel free to contact us by E-Mail, or by old-fashioned phone +49-89-97608206. You can also use our contact form or choose one of our social media channels to get in touch.

Timekeeping Service

The actionbike timekeeping services use the latest decoder and transponder technology from MYLAPS.

All Inclusive

  • Time-Keeping
  • Live-Timing App
  • Transponder
  • Sprint & Endurance Racing
  • More Time for Non-Racers
  • Coffee, Fresh Fruit & Snacks
  • Pasta or Pizza Party*
  • Live Band or DJ*
  • Family Round

* Only at selected events.

Next Events

Automotodrom Grobnik

Event 10 Rijeka (Race Weekend)

GRIP GRIP GRIP ohne Ende in Rijeka.

21.06.2019 - 23.06.2019
440,00 Euro
Places left
Automotodrom Brno

Event 11 Brno (Free Training)

Donnerstags- Warm- up für das Rennwochenende in Brünn.

220,00 Euro
Places left
Automotodrom Brno

Event 12 Brno (Race Weekend)

Ein Muss für jeden actionbike Fahrer! Die Strecke gilt als eine der schönsten der Welt, die uns viele Möglichkeiten bietet und all unseren Anforderungen gerecht wird.

05.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
630,00 Euro
Places left
Automotodrom Brno

Event 13 Brno (Combi Race Weekend/Free Riding)

Für alle die nicht genug bekommen, vier Tage Fahrspaß auf einen der schönsten MotoGP Rennstrecken.

04.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
795,00 Euro
Places left
Autodrom Most

Event 14 Most (Training Entry-Level, Intensive)

Unter der Anleitung professioneller Trainer hast du die Möglichkeit, ohne Druck und mit minimalem Risiko behutsam an die Grenzen heranzutasten. In angenehmer Atmosphäre lernst du bei sportlichem...

280,00 Euro
Places left
Autodrom Most

Event 15 Most (Free Training)

Warmfahren fürs Rennwochenende! Trainings- Donnerstag in 4 Gruppen ohne Rennen.

210,00 Euro
Places left


actionbike MYLAPS X2 Cup 2019

After an exciting season 2018, we are going to continue with an even more exciting season 2019! Get ready to rumble in the X2-CUP!

Safety Day Most

Like the years before, we are going to organise the Dainese Safety Days on 25th July 2019. As always, we trust on the instructors of our partner Münchner Fahrschulzentrum, that made an excellent...

speedladies- CUP 2019 - events are fixed!

In the season of 2019, the races of the speedladies-CUP are continuing! Beside some new stuff, lots of established things stay the same!