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Arrival and Registration

Here you can find instructions for arrival and registration.

Registration Desk is opened

The day of arrival

  • 19:30 Uhr – 23:00 Uhr

During the Race Event

  • 07:30 Uhr – 19:30 Uhr

Please take care, that there must be handed out the following forms on the registration:

  • waivers of liability (one from actionbike, depending on the track, sometimes the racetrack management needs a separate one) filled in an signed
  • form "drivers briefing" signed

Pickup on your arrival

  • pickup your transponder  (Please bring your ID or any other valid document as deposit)
  • pickup your group sticker for your bike
  • pickup the key for the box (rental fee + 100 € deposit for the key become due instantly)
  • pickup your start number (for free) to get them placed on the windshield / fairing