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European Motorcycle Cup

Endurance Class


All events (excluded Misano, no ENDURANCE race can be held there)


These the race hours for all events is 2 hours

It is an International amateur riders series, therefore riders from non EU nations can also register.

  • A racing license is not required.

It is expected that every rider enrolled, has some track experience and some race training.

The Rules are intentionally kept simple, to introduce newcomers. Fun, adventure and suspense of Endurance racing should be the goals of these events and not technical of financial advantages. Riders should follow and respect the Rules required by the Organizer or Racetrack Management.

  • All team registering during the actionbike events will be allowed to take part in the Endurance races.
  • Endurance is a Team Sport. In the Endurance race, the Team must define a TEAM CAPTAIN and a min. of 3 riders. However there is no limit to the number of riders registered to a team. This allows Shops, Garages, etc.. to create Teams with many of their customers; riders which could not come to all events.
  • Each rider uses his own motorcycle.
  • Teams using a single motorcycle are not allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on modifications that can be done to the motorcycle or for the type or tires used, etc. However we must respect the Decibel regulations of the race track.
  • All street accessories ( as luggage racks, etc.) , mirrors, indicators and any GLASS part MUST be removed. Motorcycles not meeting these requirements will not be allowed on the track.
  • Riders can register until the second event of the season. After the second event of the season it is possible to register new riders ONLY to the discretion of the Organizer.
  • Teams can use “wild Cards”. It is allowed for a TEAM “in need” to use riders from other teams.
  • Riders have the obligation to check and observe the Daily Timetable of the Events, in order to be present and on time at Briefings, on the Starting Grid, etc..
  • Riders have the obligation to check their position on the Starting Grid, prior to entering the track. Riders which do not know their position on the Starting Grid must observe, the orders from the Marshall which will decide where to place him/her at the time. Failure to do so will result in removal from the grid.
  • All riders must be present at the Briefing prior to a race.
  • All motorcycles of a team must have the same Start Number, as a minimum on the front of the fairing.
  • The Start number and transponder used by the Team is the Start number and the transponder of the Captain of the team. The Start numbers must be clearly visible. All other numbers present on the front of the fairing MUST be covered.
  • Each Team will use only 1 Transponder. Riders at the end of their turn will come back into Pit lane and will pass the Transponder to the Rider which will start his turn.
  • Each Team will pass the transponder from one rider to the next whilst in the pit lane this may only be performed in the pit lane.
  • The Rider’s change is to be done ONLY Pit Lane.
  • Each team member is responsible for the proper positioning of the transponder. (see the information below)
  • Wrong mounting of the transponder resulting in missing lap times, will result in the disqualification of the Team.
  • When possible, there will be 3 preparation calls with the PA (loud speaker) prior the positioning on to the Starting Grid. ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last call…) From the moment the 1st call is made, riders will start to gather and wait by the Pit lane exit gate. Only after the 3rd and last call, pit lane will open and all riders present at that time will be let onto the track, so that they can position themselves on the Starting Grid. IMPORTANT : There is no warm up lap !!!
  • NOTE : Riders which miss the 3rd and last call and do not complete the warm up lap, will start from Pit lane gate after all motorcycles have passed the pit lane exit.
  • The Start procedure of the ENDURANCE race will be in “Le Mans” style.
  • The motorcycles will be parked on one side of the track, held by one team member, while the riders will be standing on the opposite side of the track.
  • The start will be indicated by the lowering of the National (or Green) flag. At this time the riders will run to their motorcycles, start the engine and start the race.
  • ONLY the riders should start the motorcycles. Infraction to this rule will result in a 2 lap penalty.
  • Motorcycles with no electric starter, which need to be pushed to start, will be placed at the back of the Starting Grid, regardless of the position obtained during the qualifying sessions. Teams with such motorcycles, which omit to inform the organizer and do not start from the end of the grid will be
  • Riders are responsible for the proper technical maintenance and preparation of their motorcycles.
  • !!IMPORTANT!! -- The organizer does not assume any responsibility for the Technical status of motorcycles, however they have the right to STOP from entering the racetrack motorcycles which are identified as not safe. The organizer or Racetrack management cannot be recognized responsible for any accident caused by any technical failure of motorcycles
  • Riders which crash during a race, are responsible to ensure that their motorcycle is still meeting the safety standards. No parts must be lose or broken. (foot peg, handle bars, etc..)
  • Fail to do so will result to a disqualification of the TEAM
  • After a crash where a motorcycle is heavily damaged or cannot continue, the Marshalls will deliver the transponder by the Organizer. The Team can pick up the transponder from the Organizer and continue the race with the remaining riders.
  • ( Information on Transponder’s pick up and instructions will be given during the Briefing)
  • Speed while entering and exiting Pit lane, should be of max. 60 km/h.
  • Failure to observe this rule, will result in 2 laps penalty for the TEAM, at the discretion of the Organizer.
  • Driving in Pit lane is “one way” only. (direction to exit Pit lane to the Track) Motorcycles can be only walked against the “one way” direction, and must be done between the yellow line and the Boxes.
  • During a Gasoline refueling the engine of the motorcycle must be turned off.
  • Stationary refueling equipment and air pressure refueling are forbidden.
  • Fast refueling system, without air pressure, like the ones used in the World Endurance Championship are accepted.
  • we advise to keep ready a fire extinguisher and a fire extinguishing blanket.
  • After an crash during an ENDURANCE race, if the motorcycle need to return to Pit Lane, only 2 members of the Team can help to push the crashed motorcycle back to Pit lane. Pushing on the track can be done only under supervision and order from the Marshals. Infraction to any of these rules will disqualify the Team.
  • After a crash there could be the need to have the Safety car entering the track. IT IS NOT ALLOWED to PASS the Safety Car. All riders must stay in line behind the safety car in the position as they had once they arrived behind it. If they do not keep their position and pass in front of other riders, they will receive 2 laps penalty.
  • During the Safety car phase, the light at the Pitlane gate will turn RED periodically, so no riders will be allowed to enter the track. Please check at the briefing for the procedure and number of seconds that the light will be GREEN and riders will be allowed to enter the track
  • – IMPORTANT - After the Safety car exits the track and re-enter in Pitlane, riders must continue to ride inline, maintaining their position (without passing each other) until they reach the START/FINISH line, which might be quite far from the re-entry point of the Safety car. Only then riders can start racing again and passing is allowed. Riders which will not observe the rule will receive 2 laps penalty.
  • Riders found under the effect of Alcohol , Drugs or medicaments, will be immediately disqualified together with their Team.
  • Riders which’s behaviour is considered rude, aggressive and/or dangerous will be recalled and could be disqualified together with their Team
  • Riders driving in a dangerous manner or out control on the race track in the opposite direction will receive 2 laps penalty and possibly be disqualified together with their Team.
  • Riders which do not observe the requests/directions of the Marshals will be recalled and could be disqualified together with their Team.


The Organizers will rule upon any protest using information given from the Marshals.

The Organizers reserved the rights to assign penalties in laps and Disqualification, including the right to refuse Riders and/or Teams from future registration and participation to the Endurance Cup.


We reserved the right to change any of these Rules at any point in time. Riders will be informed on any changes during the Briefings. he PA (loud speaker) will be used only for emergency or updates/information (status of riders which crashed; transponder waiting for pick up after a crash, etc…


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At every events there will be Award ceremony with trophies for the finishing teams offered by actionbike.