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Event 10 Most (Combi Race Weekend/Free Riding)

actionbike race weekend combined with Training days Wednesday and Thursday or Safety Special!
  • 5 days riding fun in Most
  • Training or Safety Special/ Training days Wednesday and Thursday+ Race Weekend
  • Races and transponder included
  • Training in 4 groups
  • Free pasta party
  • Coffee, snacks and fruits for free (as long as supplies last)

What is the Safety Special: In an own group under guidance of professional instructors you have the possibility to approach your limits without pressure and with minimal risk. In a pleasant atmosphere you get to know the perfect racing line while having sporty riding fun.

How can I register for this separate group: Simply put "Safety Special" into the text box at the end of te online booking form. You'll automatically be divided in one of the instructor guided groups for Thursday. On Friday there is free riding in different performance groups. During lunch break there will be a new re-grouping according to lap times.

For all those who want to get a first impression: We as well offer the "Safety Special" Thursday as an individual day (Event 07).


Please note: new dB-Limit from 2019: 102 dB, riding at the circuit only allowed with a max. of 102 dB!

Important information to the new noise limit regulation in Most:

  • Mainly the motorcycles need to have a dB killer
  • For motorcycles that diverge from max. 102 dB +2 dB, measured at 4.500 revolutions per minute and/or at ¾ of max. revolutions (measured 1 meter behind the exhaust-exit at an angle of 45 degrees)
  • All single-track vehicles mst have an efficiant exhaust blockage (dB killer, exhaust pipe end caps, exhaust plug, silencer, absorption/damping). In this case the responsibility rests with the event participant and organiser.
  • If the provider notices that there is a motorcycle on the race track without efficiant exhaust blockage, he can interrupt the ride as well as exclude the vehicle from riding on track until the deficiency is removed.


24.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
995,00 Euro


Autodrom Most
Almost booked out