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Motorcycle Condition at Event Start

Get your bike in the right condition for racing on track

Bike Status

Please respect the following topics to assure everyones safety:

  • bike must be clean and faultless
  • all controls especially the brakes must be 100% in order!
  • no leaks of fluids (wate, oil, etc)
  • no antifreeze in the cooling system
  • if possible protect all drain screws with lock wire
  • new tires or used ones with usable tread depth of tyres
  • check tyre pressure 
  • built down indicators, head lights etc. or at least switch them off and mask them with duckt tape
  • built down mirrors and number plate!

If you're not concerned see your local dealer before the training and get your bike checked 100% on safety. We don't provide technical controls in place, because we can't see hidden faults!