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actionbike MYLAPS X2 Cup 2019

After an exciting season 2018, we are going to continue with an even more exciting season 2019! Get ready to rumble in the X2-CUP!

What's included?
▪ Mylaps X2 Transponder
▪ 20% discount on the events (list prize) until 01. March on all score events!
▪ 10%discount on spare parts and wearing parts from our Race Parts Dealer on track!
▪ Individual Cup- T-Shirt
▪ participation on the championship and the prize winning

X2-Cup - Announcement and Rules
The X2-Cup Serie SSP, SBK, ItaloClass und BOT/750cc occur in the context of of the race weekends of actionbike. All pilots have to be signed in.
Double entries in the class SSP and SBK are non valid.
For ItaloClass and BOT/750cc there is an additional registration in the class SBK valid.
The Cup is a international series for Amateurs, so there is the option for racers of non-EU countries to sign in. A valid race-licence is not required.

Valuation in Classes:
▪ X2-Cup SSP
▪ X2-Cup SBK
▪ X2-Cup ItaloClass
▪ X2-Cup BOT/750cc

Class SSP permitted Bikes are:
▪ Over 400 cc up to 600 cc/4-Stroke, 4 Zylinder
▪ Over 600 cc up to 675 cc/4-Stroke, 3 Zylinder
▪ Over 600 cc up to 750 cc/4-Stroke, 2 Zylinder

Class SBK permitted Bikes are:
▪ Over 750cc up to 1000cc 4-Stroke 3 und 4 Zylinder
▪ Over 850cc up to 1200cc 4-Stroke 2 Zylinder

Class Italo permitted Bikes are:
▪ Italian bikes over 1000 cc

Class BOT/750 ccm permitted Bikes are:
▪ 2 Zylinder bikes up to 1000 cc
▪ 4 Zylinder bikes with 750 cc

Valuation Dates: All Events on the race weekends.

At the end of the Season there will be an AWARD ceremony with the X2 Cup Trophies for the first 6 Riders in the final standings.

actionbike MYLAPS X2 Cup 2019