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speedladies- CUP 2020

In the season of 2020, the races of the speedladies-CUP are continuing! Beside some new stuff, lots of established things stay the same!

What the speedladies look forward to...

  • up from 15% discount on registration fee
  • the speedladies-CUP is going to start in the classes SSP and Open
  • there are going to be trophies up to 5th place per class
  • products of our sponsors are going to be raffled


The speedladies-CUP 2020 is going to take place on the following dates:

speedladies-CUP SUMMER CAMP 2020

  • 1. Lauf 19.06- 21.06.2020 Rijeka (HR)

  • 2. Lauf 23.07- 26.07.2020 Most (CZ)

  • 3. Lauf 21.08- 23.08.2020 Brünn (CZ) 

speedladies- CUP 2020